Tak Taku Guest House: The Number 1 Pit Stop for Iran Overlanders

Campsite for Iran Overlanders in the Middle of the Desert

Tak Taku Guest House Courtyard and Pond at Night

Located in the small and unassuming village of Toudeshk, about 100 Kilometers east of Isfahan city is a guest house that has become one of the most prominent stops for overlanders all over Iran. This rise to fame has been realized through the efforts of one Mohammad Jalali. Tak Taku now operates not only as THE place of accommodation between Isfahan and Yazd but also as a recognized organizer of desert and/or camping tours. Tak Taku Guest House has also put a large part of its focus on attracting the Iran overlander crowd, with bikers, campers, and cyclists being a regular fixture of this guest house.

Being the only Isfahan hostel that accommodates campers, and having introduced our guests to Mr. Jalali and his services numerous times without hearing any complaints, we’d like to highlight this mogul of overlanders in Iran in this blog post.

Tak Taku Guest House’s Story

Mr. Jalali was born and raised in Toudeshk, a village that once acted as a trading post on the Silk Road, one that is located in the heart of the Varzaneh desert. One wouldn’t necessarily think of this small village as a tourist hotspot -since it isn’t as recognized as the historical villages of Abyaneh, Kharanagh, etc. That’s why when Mr. Jalali bought an old house in Toudeshk in the year 2012 and spent three years renovating it to operate as a guest house, it might not have seemed like the best business opportunity. However, being in the middle of a highly threaded route, Mr. Jalali and his family were able to serve as a pit stop for Iran overlanders.

Guests standing in front of their campers in Tak Taku
Overlanders in Tak Taku

Through their successful business, the Jalali family has brought a new-found prosperity to their village: The tourism industry that can nourish small businesses of all kinds. Not only that, they’ve provided an opportunity for the people of Toudeshk to interact with people who come from completely different cultures.

Rooms – Tak Taku Guest House

Tak Taku Guest House Rooms
Tak Taku Guest House Rooms

Tak Taku Guest House offers traditionally styled, uniquely decorated rooms with either private or shared bathrooms, as well as a dormitory for those traveling on a more limited budget. With reasonable prices and quality services, Tak Taku is a great place to rest, even if Toudeshk itself is not your primary destination.

Services & Amenities – Ideal for Overlanders in Iran

Tak Taku

The first thing to expect from any good Iranian hostel/guesthouse is a good breakfast. At Tak Taku Guest House, the most important meal of the day is included in your stay regardless of your room type. After having a filling breakfast, you can go on one of the many tours that Mr. Jalali offers, but we’ll talk more about that later. What makes this place especially ideal for overlanders in Iran is the fact that it offers safe parking space to campers and bikers, allowing those who wish to stay in their own car to do so, and allowing them to use amenities like shared bathrooms and electricity, which can be essential for certain vehicles.

Not only that but if your vehicle is in need of repair, Tak Taku Guesthouse can arrange for a mechanic to come by and take a look. Even if something happens to your car when you’re on the road, don’t hesitate to contact them! Another helpful service they provide for Iran overlanders -one that tends to be overlooked on long Overlanding journeys-  is a car wash service.

Aside from these more specific services, you basically have access to everything you need in this guest house: Laundry service, bus/train/airplane ticket purchase, a communal kitchen, Wi-Fi, luggage storage, etc. The Jalali family are there to help you with whatever you may need!


Tak Taku Communal Area
Tak Taku Communal Area

Tak Taku is located in the old part of Toudeshk -the district referred to as Toudeshk Cho- and among the historical places of the village, including the bathhouse, mosque, and water storage. The village itself is located in the very center of Iran, with 100 Kilometers to the west until Isfahan and 250 Kilometers to the east until Yazd. What makes this little guest house’s location so ideal is the fact that there are many places that are worth seeing between Isfahan and Yazd; In Tak Taku Guest House, you can take a tour of everything that you shouldn’t miss out on AND rest up along the way, so as to not make your sightseeing trip too compressed and tiring.

Mr. Jalali and His Tours

Desert Camping in Varzaneh
Tak Taku Guest House – Desert Tour

One thing you shouldn’t miss out on if Isfahan and/or Yazd are on your Iran itinerary is the Varzaneh desert. Especially if you’re trip aligns with the time of year when the desert’s night is particularly gorgeous, spending a night camping out in Varzaneh is most recommended. Using Mr. Jalali’s services, you not only get to do that, but you also get private transport between the two larger cities, and get to see the historical sites along the way, including but not limited to the villages of Kharanagh and Meybod, the Chak Chak Fire Temple, and Naein’s old town.

If you’re on your way to Sarv or Mahbibi or plan on staying with us in the future, get in touch so that we can help you figure out the most you can make out of a desert tour with Tak Taku Guest House’s Mr. Jalali! And if you’re an overlander in Iran, we can help you figure out the different places that can accommodate you through your wonderful journey!

You can also read about our favorite hostels in different cities of Iran!

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