Mahbibi Hostel: Rated as The Best in Iran 2020

Mahbibi Hostel

Mahbibi Hostel Central Courtyard

Our first experience in running a hostel was Mahbibi Hostel, and we’re quite proud to see how far along it’s gotten. Read on to find out more about us, and about Mahbibi!

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Our story:

Iranian Breakfast Served in Courtyard
Mahbibi’s Story

Mahbibi Hostel’s story begins with a family who wanted to run a hostel. They looked around for houses that fit their criteria, and found one right next to the Naghashi Junction. The house they found belonged to the Qajar era, and after they were done with the renovations, our hostel opened its doors.

We tried our very bests to ensure our guests’ comfort, and more than that, become people they would consider their friends. Then, in 2020, we were ranked as the best hostel in Iran by Hostelworld. Since then, we have only tried to keep our standards up, and based on the feedback we get, we are glad that we have done so.

Mahbibi’s success made us open up a second branch just 200 meters away. This new endeavor is called Sarv Hostel, and you can find out all about it following this link!

What makes us different:

If you’ve ever been to any hostel in Isfahan – or in the rest of the country for that matter, you probably know that one thing Iranian people don’t lack in is hospitality, so it’s kind of difficult to stake a claim as being the most friendly and hospitable hostel. What makes Mahbibi unique is how guests and staff interact. Our office window is usually open to the courtyard, so we’re always waiting for you to come inside and have a chat! Our housekeeper is also always ready with welcome shots when you check in, and as you will find out through the article, you don’t want to miss out on those!

Mahbibi Hostel – Location:

Mahbibi is located at the very center of Isfahan, on the northern side of the Zayandehrud River. There’s a nice, straightforward shortcut to Naghshe Jahan Square that makes us about 15 minutes on foot away from this must-see attraction in the city. Chehel Sotoun Palace and Chaharbagh Abbasi Street are just around the corner from the square, so you can easily dedicate one of your days in Isfahan to visiting these sites.

After that, you need to see the river and its bridges, don’t you? Walk twenty minutes through the beautiful Chaharbagh Khaju Street in order to reach the majestic Khaju Bridge, and from there, it’s another ten minutes to Si-o-Se Pol. Keep walking alongside the river, enjoy the fresh air, and maybe get yourself something to eat. Now, you’re not so far away from Jolfa! One of the best spots in town for spending your evening, the Armenian Quarters is about 15 minutes’ driving distance from Mahbibi Hostel.

Mahbibi Hostel – Rooms:

Mahbibi Hostel 8-Bed Mixed Dormitory
Mahbibi Hostel Dormitory

Since it’s not a large building, rooms in Mahbibi Hostel are either facing one another, or are wall to wall neighbors, which gives the guests a feeling of intimacy. As everyone gathers in the central courtyard during the evenings, you can easily join in on their conversations and get to know fellow travelers and our staff.

Mahbibi Hostel – Shared Rooms:

Our 8-bed mixed dormitory is located on top of a relatively high porch, and on the opposite side is the 4-bed female dormitory. In Mahbibi’s dorms, you can expect a personal locker, a privacy curtain, a reading light, and a power outlet assigned to you during the check-in. For those who travel on budgets, finding a hostel in Isfahan with clean and well-equipped dormitories may not be the easiest, but you will find our dorms to be nothing less than perfect!

Mahbibi Hostel – Private Rooms:

King Room (Shahneshin)
Mahbibi King Room

We also offer 7 private rooms here in Mahbibi Hostel, some of which come with a private bathroom, while others require guests to use the communal bathrooms (which are cleaned multiple times per day to ensure our guests’ comfort). Three of our rooms can be arranged with either a double bed or two twin beds, while three more are triple rooms, and the final room is our quad room: The Shahneshin (king room). The Shahneshin is the same as our female dormitory, which we can offer to sell as a whole room to willing guests. This room is the most ornately decorated in the hostel, with beautiful stucco works and paintings.

A lot of rooms in Mahbibi Hostel share a wall, and in some cases, are even connected by a door. If you’re traveling with family, and there are more than 4 persons in your company, you could of course add a mattress to a room or get multiple rooms, but you also have one more option. A door which connects one of our double rooms to a triple and is closed off in normal circumstances can be opened in order to give you a 5-bed family room with a private bathroom.

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Mahbibi Hostel – Services:

Self-service Breakfast in the Cafe
Breakfast in Mahbibi

Having a good breakfast can make you truly ready for the rest of your day. Here in Mahbibi, we see that as part of our responsibility. Our free breakfast with complimentary tea is served from 8:00 to 10:00 AM, and you can either go down to the café and have your meal or ask our staff to bring your breakfast up to the central courtyard. We know that tea doesn’t do it for everybody, and there are those who need some caffeine to start their day, so don’t hesitate to order some coffee!


We also offer free walking tours on a daily basis, which are tip-based, and leave each morning after breakfast. Our local tour guides are knowledgeable about the city, and can help you understand the history of Isfahan, or even guide you through buying handicrafts and souvenirs (since some salespeople may try to rip you off). As an older hostel in Isfahan, we pride ourselves in introducing concepts like the free walking tour to our colleagues and fellow enthusiasts.


One of the best parts of traveling is trying out local cuisines. In Mahbibi Hostel, we have dinner available every evening (that is, if there are enough guests who order it), made on-site by our chef/housekeeper extraordinaire. An expert in Afghani cuisine, you don’t want to miss out on his delicious eggplant dish, or the aromatic lentil soup.

Other Services:

Before your arrival, or after your departure, you can visit many en route historical sites and tourist attractions. We can arrange some tours for you so that you will be sure not to miss out on anything: Just tell us where you’d like to go, or where your next destination is, and we can help you figure out the rest! We can also help you out with taxi/airport pickup services, bus/train/airplane tickets, and more.

Here in Mahbibi Hostel, you won’t feel like there is anything missing. However, if you ever felt like you needed something, don’t hesitate to talk to us! From laundry services, to iron and hairdryer, kitchen appliances, etc., everything is at your service!

Mahbibi Hostel’s Shared spaces:

Mahbibi Hostel Central Courtyard
The Central Courtyard

The central courtyard of Mahbibi is definitely its most charming space. With its tall trees and pretty flowers, wooden benches and stools, and of course, the central pond, it never fails to impress. Just sitting beneath the shade of the trees, watching the fish swimming around, and enjoying a casual chat are enough to put you at ease. Aside from the innate beauty, the rest of the credit goes to the amount of work that is put into its maintenance.

Mahbibi Cafe

You can also enjoy the café throughout the day. While it may not be as well-equipped as the café in our second branch (Sarv Hostel), it’s still a great place to sit down with friends and have something to eat or drink.

We have a cozy little kitchen in Mahbibi Hostel, where you have all the appliances you may need at your service, as well as a big communal fridge. Our chef could even teach you some of his recipes right in the kitchen, or you can teach us yours! And don’t forget, there’s always fresh tea brewing on the samovar.

We like to plan little events for our guests and people who aren’t staying in the hostel on a regular basis. Whether they’re about different ethnicities, poetry, or some specific holiday, they’re a lot of fun! So be sure to check out our social media pages to be informed of the latest happenings here in Mahbibi Hostel!

You can also read about our favorite hostels in different cities of Iran!

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