Ravi Boutique Hotel in Shiraz: Our Top Choice of Accommodation

Boutique Hotel in Shiraz

Aside from the different hostels and guest houses you can choose from during your stay in the city -options that are the most budget-friendly and also tend to have the best value for money, you can opt to stay in one of the many beautiful boutique hotels in Shiraz. Boutique hotels (Ravi Boutique Hotel for example, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves) have been surfacing rapidly throughout Iran in recent years, with many beautiful post-Qajar era houses being renovated through the efforts put into and the capital provided by private sectors to operate as hotels, restaurants, and museums. This has certainly prevented many important works of architecture from being damaged any further and falling into complete decay.

While it is troubling that those in charge of our national heritage aren’t paying much attention to damaged properties and would just as easily let everything fall into ruin without the incentive of money, it’s certainly good to know that at least, these houses have become places of business, which means they are sources of income, which means more attention will be paid to their state of being. It’s also good to see that the individuals who tend to these houses and buildings are often quite knowledgeable in the field of restoration (a lot of them graduated from university in that field) and know what they’re doing. As a result, the standard for the restoration of historic buildings has risen.

Ravi Boutique Hotel

With all of that said, we’re going to talk about an excellent boutique hotel in Shiraz by the name of Ravi: Where your accommodation will ensure a comfortable and pleasant time in this beautiful city. Ravi isn’t just a hotel though; You can think of it as a great café-restaurant or even a place to hold ceremonies relating to special occasions -say a birthday or a wedding anniversary, but we’ll talk more about that later on in the post. For now, let’s get into the hotel’s history.

Ravi Boutique Hotel
Ravi Boutique Hotel

The building which now houses the Ravi Boutique Hotel in Shiraz dates back to the Zandiyeh era -some 250 years ago- and has seen changes in architectural styles throughout the following Qajar and Pahlavi eras. Inspired by this, the rooms in this hotel are decorated in the style of one of these three dynasties. With the restoration efforts finished, Ravi offers 6 rooms in total, which makes for a friendlier and more intimate atmosphere than a lot of hotels. The beautiful rooftop and central courtyard are places where you can take advantage of this intimacy and get to know other travelers.


In Ravi, you can expect the usual services provided by hotels, hostels, and boutique hotels in Iran and more. A specialty of theirs is arranging for special occasions. If your time in Shiraz aligns with a loved one’s birthday or anniversary, if you’ve planned your wedding or perhaps your honeymoon in Iran, or if you just have cause enough to celebrate and have a good time, you can get in touch with Ravi Boutique Hotel in Shiraz in advance and let them know what you’re thinking.


The Firouz Room
Ravi Boutique Hotel – Firouz Room

As previously mentioned, the 6 rooms in Ravi Boutique Hotel follow the architectural styles of the Zandiyeh, Qajar, and Pahlavi eras and each one is uniquely decorated according to its own style. However, the decoration is not the only thing that distinguishes and gives character to the rooms in Ravi: Each room is named after an important woman from its respective era:  There’s Firouz, Dolatshah, Malek-Taj, Shahdokht, Pari-Jahan, and Salma. These rooms are spread through 3 floors, with Salma being a single room, Dolatshah, Firouz, and Malek-Taj triple, and Shahdokht and Pari-Jahan double. It’s also worth noting that two of the rooms are located in the house’s crypt (which trust us, is not nearly as macabre as it sounds).

The Firouz Room Entrance
Ravi Boutique Hotel – Firouz Room

Except for Salma, all rooms have their own private bathrooms. Every room also comes with standard sanitary products, a mini-bar, air conditioning, hangers, and what have you.

There is one more room you can get in the Ravi Boutique Hotel in Shiraz, a unique room, a room that’s not actually located in the same building as all the other rooms. The Ravak Suite is a tiny house located just a few steps away from the hotel itself and operates as a quadruple room with all the necessary amenities and appliances. If you have some money to spare, and if you’re traveling with your family, Ravak may very well be the most ideal option for you.


Ravi Boutique Hotel - Courtyard at Night
Ravi Boutique Hotel – Courtyard

Ravi Boutique Hotel is located in the very heart of Shiraz; Just a few minutes away from the Shahcheragh mausoleum and near the Vakil Complex and Karim Khan Citadel. Access to the city’s important attractions is possible via walking or public transportation.

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