Our Guests: Celebrating 5 Years of Sarv Hostel

Our Guests

Guests and staff of Sarv Hostel chatting in the lobby

Over the few years that we’ve been running Sarv, our guests have always been the core tenants of our hostel. Whatever we have, we owe to them. Travelers, from all over the world, who meet at one common point, and whose experiences make up this home of ours, far beyond the walls and bricks that compose its form. We’re only able to do what we do, and strive to become better at it because of you! So now, we’d like to take a moment and thank each and every one of you, wish you a life full of happy memories and travels with the ones you love, and express our sincere hopes to see you again one day!

This blog post will be updated frequently as we dig through the different stickers, notes, and memorabilia our guests have left behind, AND as new guests visit us and leave their own impressions!

Professional Travelers

A large number of our guests are travelers whose journeys have spanned years and continents. These guests have a natural tendency to pick a hostel for their accommodation, and we’re honored that they have chosen ours!

Andres and Quelia

Picture of Berlin left by our guests with note that reads "Thank you for such a wonderful stay! It's a home away from home!"
Andres & Quelia

Our dear Argentinean and Brazilian guests, Andres and Quelia stayed with us from the 27th of May, 2023, until the 30th. They live in Berlin and Andres does some really cool analog photography, and he actually took some pictures during his stay with us -pictures we’re still waiting to see 🙂

You can find Andres @minute.portraits and Quelia @whereisquelia on Instagram!


Another large portion of our guests are daring adventurers who are traveling the world with their bicycles! These folks tend to be some of the most inspiring we come across, travelers who change up our definitions of travel!


Note left by our guest that reads "Sarv Hostel the home of @ElPeriplodeJaime, look to Myanmar, you will find me there"

Between the 29th of November and the 11th of December 2023, we were visited by a group of cyclists -a group of 8- from all over Europe! Jaime was part of this group and came from Spain. During their long stay with us, they played ping-pong every day, worked on their bicycles, dined together every night, and brought an unparalleled level of energy to our hostel!

You can find Jaime @el.periplo.de.jaime!


Sticker left by our guests with note that reads "Really grateful to be at this beautiful place! Thank you for everything! Really felt at home."
The Cycle Continues

Benjamin stayed with us from the 26th until the 29th of September 2023. Being one of the many German cyclists who have visited Sarv, Benjamin will always be a memorable guest for us, and that’s not just because of his attention-grabbing note and sticker!

You can find Benjamin @the.cyclecontinues on Instagram, or visit his website!


We are quite proud to have been able to accommodate campers and Overlanders in our hostel! Our guests are the foundations of Sarv in equal parts, but campers have been a core part of that since we started!

You can read more about this specific niche in traveling in our other blog, but let’s talk about the family who became very dear in all of our hearts!

Anna, Viktor, and Ava

Selfie and note left by our guests that reads "Best Hostel Ever!!!"

Anna and Viktor visited us with their lovely little girl, Ava in the February of 2023. They instantly gained a place in our hearts as one of our most memorable guests, and were among the first to write on our ever-growing wall! Viktor played the guitar quite well, and so did our former barista Mehdi. Who knows, perhaps one day will post a video of them jamming together!

You can find this lovely family @world_travel_a.v.a!


A subcategory of the Overlanders, lying somewhere between the adventurous cyclist and the nomadic campers, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting some of the finest bikers who have traveled to this part of the world!

Medha and Hauke

Sticker left by our guess with note that reads "Very few cities have the charm that Isfahan has. We would love to be back!"
Medha & Hauke

This lovely couple who goes by the name Tracing the Horizon on social media visited us more than a year ago, from the 16th of October 2022 until the 19th. It also should be mentioned that they’re part of our guests whose writings on our wall have occupied more than one block 🙂

You can find Medha and Hauke @tracingthehorizon!


Sticker left by our guest

This 25-year-old Frenchman arrived at our hostel on the 8th of September and stayed with us for three nights. He came recommended by a fellow biker, fellow Frenchman, and friend he’d met on his journey by the name of Guillaume. At the time, they formed a French trio with Claire, another French guest who was staying at the female dormitory. Oscar, his custom bike called the Africa Twin, and his Le Petit Prince stickers will forever remain in our memories!

You can find Oscar @oscar.aynaud!

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