The 10 Best & Cheapest Isfahan Hotels

Hotel in Isfahan, Iran

Isfahan Aerial View

We’ve talked about Isfahan a lot, we know. We’ve covered the different attractions that the city offers, the local culture, and even the best and the cheapest hostels in town. However, despite our personal preferences, in order to provide a thorough and unbiased guide for the city of Isfahan, we also have to talk about Isfahan hotels.

If we’ve been able to persuade you into staying in hostels however, we’d love to host you in Sarv or Mahbibi when you come by Isfahan! And make sure to take a look at our other Isfahan blogs!

Isfahan Hotels vs. Isfahan Hostels

Again, we’ve discussed at length our preference for staying in hostels over hotels plenty of times, so it’s best not to repeat ourselves too much. Essentially, what makes hotels and hostels different is their respective atmospheres and prices, otherwise, the services and the quality of accommodation are pretty much the same. In a hotel, you essentially either have to spend time in your room or out in the town, while in a hostel, you get to enjoy spending time with fellow travelers in the common areas -whether it’s a lobby, a courtyard, a lounge, whatever.

Perhaps the only real advantage of staying in an Isfahan hotel would be the fact that your access to amenities such as a fridge or TV would be private, as opposed to the shared amenities of a hostel. That may or may not be important to you, but the thing is, if you get a hotel room, you have a pretty limited array of appliances that you can use. In hostels, you have access to fully-equipped kitchens and more. The point is, it kind of depends on your preferences.

If you are the kind of person who prefers hotels over hostels but still follows our blogs for some reason, this post is dedicated to helping you find good, clean, and reasonably-priced hotels in Isfahan.

Price Range of Isfahan Hotels

You can find yourself an Isfahan hotel room for as cheap as 10 Euros per night, that is if your one and only concern is the price. Finding cheap -or at the very least inexpensive- hotels in Isfahan is not too difficult: The city is filled to the brim with hotels ranging from 1-star to 5-star. What comes along with an unusually cheap hotel, however, is the promise of services and quality of accommodation that are in exact accordance with the price. Basically, you’re going to get exactly what you pay for.

This may not be too much of a concern for you if you’re traveling on an extremely limited budget, but at that point, getting a dormitory bed in a hostel would seem much more reasonable. Still, if you like your privacy, and don’t plan on spending a lot of time in your room, a very cheap hotel might be a suitable option for you.

On the other hand, you can definitely overcompensate by getting a room in an unnecessarily luxurious 5-star hotel where you have access to anything and everything, but that kind of defeats the higher purpose of traveling, which is moving out of your comfort zone and experiencing new cultures. And again, it’s not really recommended to spend time in your hotel room as opposed to going out in the city and visiting its attractions.

10 Cheap Hotels in Isfahan

So, we’ve discussed that you can pretty easily find both extremely cheap and ludicrously expensive (though to be fair, you’re never be paying as much as you would for a similar service in your own country in Iran, what with the currency exchange rates being how they are) Isfahan hotels. As in most things, the difficulty lies in striking a nice balance. Keep reading to find out our list of hotels in the city that offer quality services at reasonable prices.

Isfahan Traditional Hotel

Isfahan Traditional Hotel in Isfahan
Isfahan Traditional Hotel

With a well-renovated, 400-year-old Safavid building, Isfahan Traditional Hotel is one of the finest choices of accommodation in the city for budget travelers and families (because of its 5-bed and 6-bed rooms) alike. There are a total of 16 rooms in this hotel, ranging from single rooms to sextuple rooms as well as a four-bed suite. The prices of Isfahan Traditional Hotel start at 30 Euros per night. One of the best things about this hotel is that it’s essentially located in the heart of Isfahan’s Grand Bazaar, and is located no more than 5 minutes on foot away from Naghshe Jahan Square.

Sarhang Palace Hotel

Sarhang Palace Isfahan Hotel
Sarhang Palace Hotel

A hotel with an on-site museum, Sarhang Palace offers twenty uniquely designed and decorated rooms at prices that are quite a bit more expensive than our previous entry. While getting the cheapest available rooms in this specific Isfahan hotel will cost you around 60 Euros, the services they provide are rather impeccable, and the building itself is quite unique. As a matter of fact, you can take a virtual tour of the Sarhang Palace Hotel on their website, and decide for yourself whether or not the price is worth it!

Soufi Hotel

Front View of Soufi
Front View of Soufi Hotel

Soufi Hotel is among the more reasonably-priced yet high-quality hotels in Isfahan, offering 41 rooms including double/twin rooms, triple rooms, quad rooms, quintuple rooms, and a VIP suite starting at 25 Euros per night. While you won’t get to experience the charm of living in a traditional Iranian home in Soufi, you won’t find much to complain about as far as the cleanliness, the value for money, and the services go.

Sheikh Bahaei Hotel

Sheikh Bahaei Isfahan Hotel
Sheikh Bahaei Hotel

With 52 rooms spread throughout 7 floors, the Sheikh Bahaei Hotel is about as cheap as you can go whilst maintaining a certain level of quality. Another plus side of this Isfahan hotel is that it is located on the enchantingly beautiful Chaharbagh Abbasi Street, and therefore within a few minutes’ walking distance of the Naghshe Jahan Square and the Chehelsotoun Palace. Rooms in Sheikh Bahaei Hotel start at around 20 Euros per night.

Keryas Hotel

The Sheikh Lotfollah Dome and Keryas
The Sheikh Lotfollah Dome and Keryas Hotel

Keryas is a charming boutique hotel located a few steps away from Naghshe Jahan Square. With only 15 rooms, you can experience something more akin to what it feels like to stay in a hostel in Keryas. One of the things you should make a point not to miss is having dinner in their on-site café restaurant, which serves some delicious Iranian dishes. The prices are not as low as some of the other entries though, and are more in the range of the Sarhang Palace Hotel.

Iran Hotel

Iran Hotel would be your ideal choice if you plan on spending as little as possible on your Isfahan accommodation. Located on Chaharbagh Abbasi Street, their location is probably one of the best things they have going for them.

Hasht Behesht Apartment Hotel

Hasht Behesht Apartment Hotel

With 13 rooms spread across 4 floors, Hasht Behesht Apartment Hotel is located in between Chaharbagh Abbasi Street and Naghshe Jahan Square, making it rather ideal as far as accessibility goes. This Isfahan hotel is probably among the lower-priced and better-equipped of its peers. Staying in Hasht Behesht means that you’ll be pretty independent in your accommodation, which can be nice for some people.

Parsian Suite Hotel

Parsian Suite Hotel in Isfahan
Parsian Suite Hotel in Isfahan

Belonging to the reputable Parsian Kowsar International Hotel Group, Parsian Suite Hotel is surprisingly cheap, especially when compared to other branches of its parent company. With 52 rooms starting at as low as 25 Euros per night, you will be living right in front of the Si-o-Se Pol Bridge if you choose to stay in this Isfahan hotel.

Taak House

Taak Central Courtyard
Central Courtyard of Taak

Taak House is a small and charming Isfahan hotel that could perhaps even be identified as a guesthouse. Its prices are certainly befitting of a hotel though, starting at 30 Euros per night. This little house is located within close distance of the main attractions in Isfahan and can provide the friendly atmosphere of Isfahan hostels with good services.

Khajoo Hotel

Khajoo Hotel
Front View of Khajoo Hotel

Khajoo Hotel is perhaps the most reasonably priced large hotel in Isfahan, with 114 rooms starting at around 40 Euros per night. As its name would suggest, Khajoo Hotel is located near the beautiful Khaju Bridge, and within close proximity of other important Isfahan attractions.

The Best Isfahan Boutique Hotels

Now, we’ve covered the affordable Isfahan hotels that offer good services. The following are some lovely boutique hotels that are certainly more expensive than the options we’ve covered so far.

Ghasr Monshi Boutique Hotel

The Ghasr Monshi Boutique Hotel
The Ghasr Monshi Boutique Hotel

Ghasr Monshi is one of the oldest and most established boutique hotels in the city of Isfahan. The beautiful building that comprises this hotel belongs to the Qajar era and has been restored with 20 rooms. The lowest price of accommodation in Ghasr Monshi is 85 Euros per night, so this Isfahan hotel is certainly not for everyone. However, if you do have some money to spare, staying in one of the VIP rooms over at Ghasr Monshi will provide a great experience.

Joybar Boutique Hotel

The Joybar Boutique Hotel
The Joybar Boutique Hotel

Joybar is a more recently founded boutique hotel that has attempted to combine traditional Iranian architecture and ornaments with a more modern, minimalistic design. Offering no more than 7 rooms, you will be able to enjoy a calm atmosphere in Joybar. Joybar offers its rooms starting at 95 Euros per night.

Derakhti Boutique Hotel

Derakhti Boutique Hotel in Isfahan
The Derakhti Boutique Hotel

Another recent contender, Derakhti Boutique Hotel also is an Isfahan hotel that offers a limited number of rooms (6 rooms in total) with the promise of a more relaxing accommodation and one of a higher quality. Prices of Derakhti start from 88 Euros per night.

Read about hotels in other cities of Iran in other blogs!

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