Central Location: An Important Factor of a Great Isfahan Hostel

Your Isfahan Hostel’s Location and Its Effects

Isfahan City

We’ve talked about Isfahan hostels and the different factors (affordable price, central location, atmosphere, etc.) that come into play when choosing the right one quite a lot already. The fact is, it’s a topic that requires extensive research; Isfahan is among the most important stops for pretty much every tourist who visits Iran, so people who operate places of accommodation are becoming better and better at understanding their business and market, thus, fierce competition is bred among hostels in Isfahan, which are recognized for having the best value for money among all of the different types of business that offer their services as places of accommodation.

Choosing a Hostel

It’s not so easy to feel as much at home in a hotel as you do in a hostel, and it’s not easy to have that feeling for as little as you pay in a hostel. The line between hostels and guesthouses, B&Bs, and what have you may have become somewhat blurred in Iran, but there are still defining factors that distinguish them and in most cases, the advantages of staying in the former outweigh that of the latter. Those who operate hostels tend to be somewhat more experienced in dealing with international tourists, and can often create a friendlier and more intimate environment all the while maintaining a high quality of accommodation and offering helpful services.

The kind of traveler who chooses to stay in an alternative option to a hotel is also a unique breed of its own. They come with their own set of expectations and needs: Oftentimes, they’re backpackers and are traveling to multiple destinations on a limited budget, and in almost all cases, are looking for a place where they can get to know some fellow travelers and make new friends. Another standard that a tourist who wants to go to an Isfahan hostel (or any other city for that matter) keeps in mind is a central location.

Attractions in Isfahan and Their Locations

Naghshe Jahan Square in Isfahan

A good hostel in Isfahan is well-located, meaning that it is not only within a reasonable distance of the important historical sites and attractions of the city but also offers its guests access to public transportation stations, supermarkets or fruit and vegetable shops, and other places of business that can be important for any traveler. The good thing is, as far as Isfahan attractions go, a lot of them are within a 30-minute-or-so parameter of each other, making it easy to cover a lot of ground in one day on foot. This makes a lot of Isfahan hostels with central locations near one another as well, which also makes for fiercer competition.

If we were to split Isfahan into two sections, with the Zayanderud River acting as the separator, the northern section contains the Naghshe Jahan Square, the Chehel Sotoun Palace, the Chaharbagh Abbasi Street, the Jameh Mosque, a multitude of historical houses, and many more attractions, which makes it the more concentrated section, while the southern part’s important attraction is the Armenian Quarters (Jolfa). So, Isfahan hostels with good locations tend to be situated in the northern section of the city. And of course, the river itself has its bridges.

Hostels in Isfahan with a Central Location

Howzak House Boutique Hostel Dormitory
Howzak House Boutique Hostel in Isfahan

The ideal for any hostel in Isfahan is to be almost equidistance to the important attractions of the city, but what is perhaps the most important attraction is the Naghshe Jahan Square. A lot of places of accommodation are located in the neighborhood of this majestic square, hostels like Chilla and boutique hotels like Keryas are some examples where you essentially walk out of your room and into the square. But the Isfahan hostels that almost reach the ideal include Sarv and Mahbibi Hostels and the Isfahan Heritage Hostel. These hostels are located in safe and accessible parts of the city and make for a smoother itinerary.

Sarv & Mahbibi Hostels: Centrally Located Isfahan Hostels

Sarv Hostel Lobby
Sarv Hostel Interior

Our two branches are located within 200 meters of one another, so everything we say about one’s location goes for the other. We are just a 15-minute walk away from the Naghshe Jahan Square and the Khaju Bridge, twenty to thirty minutes from the Chehel Sotoun Palace, the Chaharbagh Abbasi Street, and the Jameh Mosque, and the Si-o-Se Pol Bridge, and a twenty-minute drive from Jolfa and the churches of Isfahan. The historical houses of Isfahan are also within a completely walkable distance from our hostels. This is why we pride ourselves in having a completely central location!

Mahbibi Hostel - Located near the Khaju Bridge
Mahbibi Hostel

Our Isfahan hostels are also in a fully accessible district, surrounded by shops, supermarkets, bakeries, fruit and vegetable stores, businesses, exchange offices, hospitals, drug stores, SIM card offices, and pretty much whatever you need. In order to access destinations that are a bit more far away, public transportation stations are also completely accessible.

If you’re so inclined, you can follow this link to a guide for public transportation in Isfahan!

You can also read our blogs about hostels in different cities of the country, and our student hostel blog!

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