The Best Iran Hostels

We’ve covered Iran hostels in previous blogs, listing them individually by the cities they’re located in. This blog post is kind of a compiled and summarized version of those earlier posts. If you’re interested in knowing about the hostels in Iran that have raised the standards for any potential competitor, keep reading our top ten list!

You can also read our blogs about hostels in different cities of the country!

Pricing in Iran Hostels

Let’s face it, price is always an important part of every traveler’s decision-making. Especially if you plan on having a long journey that spans multiple countries and perhaps even continents, you need to plan your budget very carefully. Because of the Rial exchange rates, Iran has always been a pretty cheap country for tourists, but still, most people prefer to save up on their accommodation and instead spend the bulk of their money on food, handicrafts, and souvenirs, or perhaps even save it for emergency cases.

Iran hostels offer dormitory beds in the price range of 5 to 10 Euros per person and private rooms starting from 11 Euros per night, all the way up to 30 or more. Here’s a little tip: Planning your trip for a time that isn’t the high season for tourism can help you explore your destination with more ease (since the attractions won’t be crawling with people), and also, different places of accommodations may offer special discounts during these times!

Location of Iran Hostels

The location of your hostel can have a big impact on your trip. Close vicinity to attractions and historical sights, shops and businesses, and public transportation stations can remove the unnecessary hassle of having to worry about how you’re going to get to different places. Since the competition has grown somewhat fierce in the major tourist cities of the country, Iran hostels tend to take a special kind of pride in their central location.


And this is the part that we believe to be the most important factor that comes into play when choosing between different Iran hostels. There’s not really a formula or rule that needs to be followed in order to achieve the right atmosphere, it’s more of a personal feeling: When you get the feeling that you’re welcome and safe, you’ve found your perfect hostel in Iran. So you may have to go to different places before you can make your decision, but it’s certainly worth the extra effort!

The List

Sarv Hostel in Isfahan, Iran

Female Dormitory Bed with Curtains Drawn in Sarv
Sarv Hostel

A 70-or-so-year-old home renovated to operate as a hostel, Sarv is undoubtedly one of the best hostels in Iran. The name Sarv means Cypress tree, and the reason for this naming is the 170-year-old Cypress tree that has been preserved in the garden since the building’s foundation. With just a few minutes’ walking distance from important attractions, the hostel offers shared/private rooms, parking space for campers/bikers, a big communal kitchen, and all the amenities you could hope for.

Mahbibi Hostel in Isfahan, Iran

Mahbibi Hostel Central Courtyard
Mahbibi Hostel 

A traditional house belonging to the Qajar era, Mahbibi has been renovated to host travelers from all around the world. Chosen as the best Iran hostel by Hostelworld in 2020 and one of the oldest Isfahan hostels, you can truly feel the friendly and hospitable nature of old Iranian homes in Mahbibi. With rooms all facing the courtyard and its beautiful pond, you can enjoy the companionship of other guests and the incredibly friendly staff.

Zee Hostel in Tehran, Iran

Zee Hostel in Tehran
The Building of Zee Hostel

Zee Hostel is located in the very center of Tehran and has easy access to public transportation stations (subway and BRT) and important attractions. The building belongs to the Pahlavi era (it’s about 75 years old) and was recently renovated in order to operate as a hostel. Zee offers both private and shared rooms at a reasonable price, and the wonderfully friendly and professional staff are there to help you with whatever you may need.

HI Tehran Hostel in Tehran, Iran

HI Tehran Hostel Courtyard
The Courtyard of HI Tehran Hostel

HI Tehran Hostel is the first hostel in Iran to be founded by two women. The hostel has six rooms, a communal kitchen, and a study/work space. The on-site parking space can also be a valuable option for bikers and tourists traveling with cars. As far as the location goes, Hi Tehran doesn’t come short of the other hostels in the city. With close proximity to the subway, former US embassy, artists’ forum, and more, Hi Tehran can be the perfect choice of accommodation in the capital.

Tak Taku Guest House in Toudeshk, Iran

Tak Taku Guest House
Tak Taku Guest House

Located in the small and unassuming village of Toudeshk, about 100 Kilometers east of Isfahan city is a guest house that has become one of the most prominent stops for overlanders all over Iran. This rise to fame has been realized through the efforts of one Mohammad Jalali. Tak Taku now operates not only as THE place of accommodation between Isfahan and Yazd but also as a recognized organizer of desert and/or camping tours. Tak Taku Guest House has also put a large part of its focus on attracting the Iran overlander crowd, with bikers, campers, and cyclists being a regular fixture of this guest house.

Tuti Hostel in Shiraz, Iran

Tuti Hostel
The Tuti Hostel

Tuti Hostel is one of the more recently founded hostels in Shiraz: A charming 200-year-old house that is equipped with everything you need to feel comfortable, and yet has maintained its Qajar charm. You can take advantage of the on-site café to order yourself something to eat or drink while relaxing on the rooftop, or take a stroll through the courtyard, enjoying the nice Shiraz weather. Tuti is located near the Naranjestan Qavam House -one of the most important historical houses in the city- and within walking distance of the Pink Mosque and other important attractions. One of the few Iran hostels that don’t offer dormitory beds, you can get yourself a private room at a reasonable price.

The Puppet Museum House in Kashan, Iran

Puppet Museum House Rooms
Puppet Museum House Rooms

Among all the different places of accommodation in Kashan, there is one hostel that truly stands out. What the Puppet Museum House offers you is staying at a hostel and a museum, all at the same time. What does the museum exhibit? Puppets, obviously! To be more exact, the on-site museum is dedicated to toys and puppets from the past, some belonging to different parts of Iran, and some from other parts of the world. While strolling through the different parts of the house, you may come across an Italian replica of Pinocchio, Tunisian toy soldiers, toys used in Kheimeh Shab Bazi (a traditional Iranian puppet show), and more in a Qajar-era house.

See You in Iran Hostel in Tehran, Iran

See You in Iran Hostel Interior
See You in Iran Hostel

This Hostel is no longer operating, but it’s definitely worth mentioning since it was a pioneer for hostels in Tehran and Iran at large. It was rated as the top choice hostel in the city by The Lonely Planet Guidebook and featured both private and shared rooms, a café, a garden, and more. Their Facebook page is still worth a visit for information about the country.

Oak Hostel in Kermanshah, Iran

Oak Hostel
Oak Hostel

While most important Iran hostels are located in the often-threaded cities like Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, or Tehran, Oak Hostel is one of the first and only hostels in the west of Iran. Although it may not have faced too much competition, it’s certainly become known as one of the best in the country.

Isfahan Heritage Hostel in Isfahan, Iran

Isfahan Heritage Hostel
Isfahan Heritage Hostel

With its first branch in Tehran, Isfahan Heritage Hostel has established itself as one of the most frequented Isfahan hostels. With their affordable shared/private rooms, good services, and optimal location (within walking distance of Naghshe Jahan Square), it’s not difficult to see why.

Keep reading our blogs to learn more about Iran!

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