The 10 Best & Cheapest Tehran Hotels

Hotel in Tehran, Iran

When talking about accommodation in the capital of Iran, things can get a bit tricky. First of all, Tehran is not as cheap as you might expect from a city in Iran. Secondly, since the city is so crowded, you can easily lose all standards of quality if you just care about the price. We’ve already listed and talked about some of the best hostels in the city, and we’ve also discussed why we think choosing a hostel is the best option. However, we realize that some people just prefer staying in a hotel to the more informal and communal atmosphere of a hostel. This article is all about helping you find the best and cheapest hotels in Tehran.

Tehran Hotels Vs. Tehran Hostels

Kargadan Hostel Courtyard
Kargadan Hostel

It is still worth restating that hostellers in Iran pay a lot of attention to maintaining a high level of quality. Essentially, you know you’re getting the same services you’d get in a hotel while paying considerably less, and having more fun. A room in a Tehran hotel may have its own fridge and TV, but you don’t see a lot of people spend a lot of time in hotel rooms. Now, in a Tehran hostel, you can hang out with your fellow travelers and the staff and enjoy relaxing in the communal areas. You actually get to make the most out of your trip, since you aren’t losing anything even when you’re not out and about, exploring the city.

That said, some people just want to have a quiet accommodation. Maybe they’re on a business trip and just want a room to sleep in, or it may just be a matter of personal preference. Not everyone likes the social environment of a hostel, and some would kind of prefer to be left to their own devices. If you’re part of that group and you’re reading this, we understand! We just want to help you find the right place of accommodation for you! So read on, and you may be able to make an easier decision when you come by Tehran!

Price Range of Tehran Hotels

Espinas Palace from a Distance
Espinas Palace Hotel

You can find a hotel in Tehran for as cheap as 20 Euros per night. If you abandon all possible standards of quality, that is. At that point, you’re probably better off getting a dormitory bed in a hostel, but if privacy is of the utmost importance to you, the cheapest available options may still be suitable for you. It is worth mentioning that if you spend only a few more bucks, you can actually book an at the very least decent hotel.

On the other hand, since we’re talking about Tehran here, the sky’s kind of the limit in needlessly luxurious hotels. It seems a little bit ridiculous for the average person to spend 4-digits on a room they’re going to stay in for a couple of nights when they’ve traveled to a different country and want to experience a different culture. That said, it is worth mentioning that you’re never going to be paying as much as you would for a similar service in your own country here in Iran, so if you’re a person of means, go nuts I suppose.

10 Hotels in Tehran

Now that we’ve discussed the reasons why you may choose to stay in a Tehran hotel as well as a general price range, let’s get to the actual list.

Golestan Hotel

Golestan Hotel Front Entrance
Golestan Hotel

With 25 rooms spread across 3 floors, Golestan is among the cleanest and most affordable options out there. Though the hotel may not be anything special, you can expect some good food and a good night’s rest at Golestan Hotel. This small building is located only a couple of minutes from the National Garden and within a reasonable distance of the City Theatre and the different attractions of Tehran.

Marlik Hotel

Front View of Marlik Hotel
Front View of Marlik Hotel

Marlik is a nice 3-star hotel in Tehran with 84 rooms across 3 floors. With reasonable prices and great access to public transportation stations, this hotel is one of the best options you have.

Asareh Hotel

Asareh Room
Asareh Hotel

If you’re willing to spend a bit more, you can stay in one of the most affordably-priced 4-star hotels in the city. With 58 rooms across 11 floors, Asareh has a nice restaurant and a café, a sports complex, and more. This hotel is also set in a relatively recently built (some 14 years ago) building.

Morvarid Hotel

Morvarid Room
Morvarid Hotel

A 50-something-year-old Tehran hotel (formerly known as Diamond), Morvarid is among the more established of its kind. 69 rooms are available across only 2 floors, starting at around 30 Euros per night.

Pamchal Hotel

Pamchal Hotel Entrance
Pamchal Hotel

One of the best things that Pamchal Hotel has going for it is its amazing location, at the very heart of Tehran. The hotel has undergone some recent renovations and reconstructions to ensure the highest quality of accommodation and offers 45 rooms across 5 floors.

Remis Hotel (Formerly Ibis Hotel) in Tehran IKA Airport

Remis (Formerly Ibis) Tehran IKA Room
Remis (Formerly Ibis) Hotel

If you don’t want to waste a bunch of time finding a hotel in Tehran when your flight lands in the IKA (Imam Khomeini International Airport), you can find your accommodation next to the airport parking lot: The twin hotels Novotel and Remis (Formerly Ibis). Novotel is a 5-star hotel and is probably out of your price range, but Remis, while not exactly cheap, is a reasonably-priced 4-star hotel. With a whopping 196 rooms across 11 floors, you can expect a good stay in this modern hotel.

Markazi Hotel

Front Entrance of Markazi Hotel
Front Entrance of Markazi Hotel

Markazi Hotel offers its 32 rooms on only one floor, but is certainly one of the most experienced Tehran hotels, with an almost century-long history of operating as a hotel. It is within walking distance of the Tehran Grand Bazaar and the Golestan Palace and has great access to BRT and Metro stations.

Karoon Hotel

Karoon Hotel Front Entrance & Facade
Karoon Hotel

Another 3-star hotel in the center of Tehran (in the beautiful and historic Valiasr Street), Karoon opened its doors back in 1975 and has been providing guests from all around the world with quality accommodation since. With 24 rooms across 4 floors, there’s no denying that this hotel is a little bit expensive, but you will certainly not regret staying in Karoon Hotel, even if it’s only because of the beautiful street it’s located in.

Jahan Hotel

Jahan Lobby
Jahan Hotel

A beautiful 50-year-old hotel, Jahan offers 76 rooms across 7 floors. Some of the amenities and facilities of this hotel include Iran’s first Indian restaurant, a café, parking, and a communal lobby with live music performances.

Hally Hotel

Hally Room
Hally Hotel

Last but not least, there’s Hally. With 37 rooms across 5 floors, this hotel in Tehran is clean and well-tended to, with all of the common services and amenities that one expects from a hotel.

Boutique Hotels in Tehran

Now that we’re done with our list, let’s get to another worthy category of places of accommodation. Boutique hotels may be among the more expensive options out there, but if you have the means, they seem to be better options than luxurious 5-star hotels.

Razzaz Boutique Hotel

Razzaz Boutique Hotel Courtyard, Pond, and Facade
Razzaz Boutique Hotel

Even though we said that boutique hotels tend to be a bit expensive, Razzaz boutique hotel in Tehran is actually very reasonably priced. Set in a beautiful traditional house with a central courtyard and a roof terrace, Razzaz also offers dormitory beds!

Hanna Boutique Hotel

Hanna Boutique Hotel
Hanna Boutique Hotel

Now that we’ve gotten to Hanna, we can talk about expensive. Hanna Boutique Hotel is set in a fascinating, modern building and has been restored with a taste in contemporary art. Staying in Hanna is certainly a unique experience on its own!

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