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Where does the name MahBiBi come from?

Well, the word “BiBi” in our culture typically means grandmother, though it has got an old usage and fewer people may use it anymore. But the concept traditionally implies a generous and kind-hearted old lady who is always welcoming others as guests, always cares a lot about everybody, and is well experienced to get advice from her in all aspects of a good life. The word “Mah”, on the other hand, means “the moon”, which symbolized prettiness, beauty and cleanness in Iranian culture. Normally, when we want to refer to the beauty of someone (especially women), we may say she looks like the moon. Thus, MahBiBi makes the combination of a welcoming, pretty and experienced lady who you can stay with warmly for some time, as you definitely will with us in MahBiBi 😉

A team committed to the bests

We are a group of multilingual, young and friendly people with the passion for travel in an Iranian Style . Our hostel is located in the center of the city, thus it’s pretty easy to have access to famous places, historical landmarks, public transportation, café and restaurants and business centers. You can try activities such as yoga class, booking club, camping and hanging out with the team members. A café and a restaurant are ready with Iranian cuisines to serve you. Also, several daily tours and activities are planned by the team.