Iran Visa Extensions – 15 Places to extend your visa in Iran

Shah Mosque - Mahbibi Hostel

How to extend a visa in Iran?

It is possible to extend your tourist visa duration up to 90 days in Iran once you have already arrived here. It is possible for both those who have got 30 days with there visa or even those who only got 14 days or any amount for example. In some cases, it is also possible for people from countries that have visa on arrival to also extend their time in Iran but we suggest contacting the visa renewal office for information on this.

The process for an extension is actually quite easy and simple, just can be time-consuming for a day or two. 

What is required for the extension?

  • The cost of a visa renewal is 345 000 rials. The offices don’t accept cash so we suggest either bringing an Iranian bank card or cash in small money for example 50,000 rial notes so you can pay some easy if they use their card for you. 
  • You need your passport 
  • 2-3 Passport photos 
  • 2 Copies of the current Iran visa 
  • 2 copies of your passport photo page
  • Photocopy of the entry stamp if you have one.

The process is much the same in all cities when you go to the visa renewal office to extend your visa.

  1. When you arrive you will have to go through security. Here they will take any bags, books, phones, cameras and any other electrical device. If you are uncomfortable with there we suggest leaving all these where you stay.
  2. When you sign in to the building with the security they will ask why you’re there. When you tell them what you are there for they will give you directions for the first place you need to go.
  3. This is where some cities will be different. For example, in Tehran/Isfahan you need to do most things yourself. You will have to go to talk to the Police chief who will give you a document then send you to another office in the building and this can repeat up to 6 times and it is possible that you may need to have an interview for your reason for an extension. Where in cities such as Yazd you will go inside the office with the police give them your documents and they will do the rest. You will just need to sign some documents and relax. 
  4. Most of the time if you arrive early in the morning to the office when they open you will get your visa back on the same day. But this isn’t always the case sometimes they will tell you that you will need to come back the next day to collect your visa extension. This is perfectly normal but this is why we suggest bringing a third passport photo so they can give you a receipt and stamp it with your photo to make the collection of your passport and visa extension easier.

  • Most of the time you will get 30 days with your extension but this can be done a second time again for another 30 days so in total you will get to stay in Iran for 90 days. 
  • We have heard stories of some people getting lucky and getting lucky and getting 60 days on their first extension but don’t count on this always happening 

We also suggest when you do your second extension to do it in a different city to the first so they don’t ask we haven’t you left the city in 30 days.


Due to many people using different map apps such as apple maps, google maps, and more we will give the locations in GPS code format. Copy and pasting these into your app should work.

These locations can change. If you know of a change please contact us or if you know another city we haven’t added please contact us too.

Bandar-e Abbas

Location for the extension is at: 27.190202, 56.326084.


Location for the extension is at: This is the location 25.291564,60.630579

Isfahan / Esfahan

Location for the extension is at: 32.6300, 51.6327


Location for the extension is at: N 36.84145 E 054.44446/36°50’29.1″N 54°26’39.9″E.


Location for the extension is at: 34.792712, 48.509632


Location for the extension is at: 33.980195 51.462377.

(They sometimes will make you collect your documents in Tehran)


Location for the extension is at: 30° 17.383’N 57° 4.388’E 


Location for the extension is at: 34°19’32.8″N 47°04’48.8”E.


Location for the extension is at: 36.28192, 59.55088


Location for the extension is at: 26.9621653, 56.2607801


Location for the extension is at: N 36.55531 E 053.03728


Location for the extension is at: 29.60554°N 52.56170°E


2 different offices extend visas in Tehran: one deals with embassy visas, the other with visas on arrival.

Central Police Department of Immigration and Passports – embassy visas


2 different offices extend visas in Tehran: one deals with embassy visas, the other with visas on arrival.

Migration Police Department – Visa on arrival


Location for the extension is at: 31.8544768, 54.3533641


Location for the extension is at: 29°29’06.9″N 60°52’42.9″E

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