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Our is a young and upcoming hostel in Isfahan which opened its doors in March 2018. We are a group of multi-lingual Iranians who wish to share about our city and life with travelers from all over the world. When you stay with us, we make sure you have a comfortable stay, enjoy good conversations, try out local dishes and have a fun time. The Mahbibi Isfahan hostel is also a heritage building from the Pahlavi dynasty, bringing you back in and providing a warm and cozy ambiance.

Last but not least, Mahbbi Hostel is commited to contribute to positive social change in the Isfahan‘s society. For now, we do this by providing opportunities to autism children who are struggling to find jobs. We are looking for more partnerships to do more in the near future.

Create Memories that will never be forgotten!

You will have a corner from pardis in our simple Persian rooms

With more than 100 years old history, this house has been the home for hundereds of people during the decades and now you have the chance live the history.

which isfahan do you want to see?

Isfahan: experience the Persian capital just the way you like. No problem with our Isfahan insider tips. Whether you want to photograph Isfahan’s sights, visit museums, or experience events, we have the tips and information to get you there.

If you’ve already done the “big sights,” we recommend heading out to Isfahan’s neighbourhoods, where there’s lots of water, nature, and one or two insider tips.

Wellness tour

Salt-lake tour

We do provide the best and most budget tours to the desert, meanwhile you can enjoy going to the salt lake on the way to the sand dunes.

heritage tours

kashan tours

Kashan in on the way, you can easily take a bus, but probably you will miss manythings on the ways, Abtaneh, Fin Garden and etc.

adventural natural tours

desert camping tours

Camp at the roof of a Carvansaray where you can easily access to the whole universe, desert and it’s own million stars.

We are working to give you the most perfect Tours.

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