Breaking Your Trip From Kashan to Isfahan: The Isfahan Province

En-route Destinations Between Kashan and Isfahan

One of the best parts of traveling in Iran is the different ways you can break your journey between the different main cities on your itinerary. There are plenty of historical villages and sites and beautiful natural sites that lie outside the borders of bigger cities, just waiting to be discovered. If you’re interested in visiting places that may be a bit more off the beaten path, one of your best options is to take these little detours. This blog is the beginning of a series of posts where we offer you a guide on how to make the most out of your journey, beginning with exploring the attractions of the Isfahan province.

The city of Kashan already makes for a great stop between Tehran, the landing point of a lot of tourists who visit Iran, and Isfahan, one of the three most important cities on any tourist’s itinerary. Kashan offers not only some beautiful historical sites but also some great food and accommodation, and the opportunity to buy quality souvenirs and handicrafts at an affordable price. Isfahan’s relevance to travelers probably doesn’t require any explanation, as the Naghshe Jahan Square on its own is reason enough for one to make a cross-continental trip to the city.

The following list is but a few of the towns and attractions which you can visit on your way between the two bigger cities. You can of course read our separate blogs about Isfahan and Kashan through their respective links!

When you come by our city, we’d love to host you in Sarv or Mahbibi! Also make sure to take a look at our other Isfahan blogs!

Abyaneh – The Famous Village in the Isfahan Province

Abyaneh Village
Abyaneh Village in Isfahan

If there’s one place that you simply should not miss on your way from Kashan to Isfahan, it’s Abyaneh. This 1500-year-old village, made out of red clay, and filled with the friendliest locals will surely charm you no matter when you visit it. The culture that the Abyaneh people hold, evident in their clothing, traditions, and way of life is truly unique and not to be missed out on.

A building in Abyaneh

There are works of architecture in the village of Abyaneh that date from the Sassanid era to the present time; the rich history of the village is also evident in the fact that its residents speak in Middle Persian -otherwise known as Sassanid Pahlavi.


Shrine of Sheikh Abd Al-Samad, Natanz, Isfahan
Natanz City in Isfahan

The name Natanz usually brings up the image of Iran’s attempts at accessing nuclear power and/or weaponry to a Westerner’s mind, what with the famous Natanz enrichment facility, but this ancient city’s beautiful natural and historical sights are reason enough to make it worthy of at least a pit stop. The location of Natanz also makes it ideal for this purpose, as it is located right on the main road between Kashan and Isfahan.

Chal Nakhjir Cave

Chal Nakhjir Cave
Chal Nakhjir Cave

This attraction is not actually located in the Isfahan province. It’s in the neighboring province of Markazi, but since it’s only 70 Kilometers away from Kashan, you can definitely afford to make your trip a little bit longer. The cave is unique in that its interior is composed of crystals, glowing out in beautiful multi-color hues. Parts of Chal Nakhjir, including the internal lake are easily accessible to tourists and are certainly not to be missed out on.


Rose-picking Season in Qamsar Village
Rose-picking Season in Qamsar Village

If you’re planning your trip to the Isfahan province toward the end of spring, you’re in luck, because you’ll be just in time for rose-picking season. Kashan has earned a reputation as the city of Rosewater over a couple of millennia, and what better place to see the process of Rosewater production than the town of Qamsar? You can delight in the beautiful pink rose farms and enjoy this fragrant substance that has been used in cuisine, medicine, and hygiene since ancient times in Iran.

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